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Contact Merlene Walker @ or Call 817/459-4411.

Private classes are priced on whether it is a half day class (3 hrs.) or a Full day (6 hr.) class.

You may pay for your classes by clicking on one of the buttons below--

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Private Lesson Cost/person

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The majority of classes are offered in Santa Fe, NM, unless other arrangements are made. Cost for workshops varies, please contact Merlene Walker for costs and scheduling.

The majority of classes are offered in Santa Fe, NM, unless otherwise noted in the schedule. Cost for workshops varies from $25 to $200.


Basic Silver Metal Clay Workshop
Participants explore the many methods of imprinting textures on Silver Metal Clay as well as learn to carve, fire and finish it. No prior experience is needed.  Learn the basics while making a pendant and matching earrings. Learn to roll, texture, shape and cut the clay. Polish and finish your work to best bring out the design. Supplies included in course fee. 

Silver Metal Clay and Bisque Workshop
Have fun decorating bisque beads with Silver Metal Clay paste. Learn how to apply paste, syringe clay and paper clay to create designs on beads. Learn how to select the proper leaves and other natural objects in nature to coat with Silver Metal Clay paste.

Basic Bronze and Copper Clay Workshop
Just as Silver Metal Clay does, new base metal clays, Bronze and Copper Clays provide incredible artistic range. And, because it is bronze, it is also so economical that you can use it for large pieces--even sculptures--very affordable! Create jewelry, jewelry components, or custom-crafted specialized tools. We will even practice new techniques or design ideas using Bronze and Copper Clays, then apply your new skills to precious metals. PLEASE NOTE: Bronze and Copper Clays must be embedded in activated carbon in sealed vessel during firing and Art Clay Copper can be quick-fired and torched.

Play Day Birthday Party
Fast becoming a favorite, this memorable birthday party is perfect for the creative on your list! Start with making Fused Glass wine stoppers, then finish with each guest making their own personal "Vision Board." This can be adapted for kids or any-age adults!

Vision Board Building
The purpose of a Vision Board is to help you create a visual image of what you want to attract in your life. You will be surprised to see the things on your board show up in your life - sooner or later- providing you put your intention on them and stay positive.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL        Registration and Schedule of Upcoming Classes

Silver Metal Clay Ring Workshop
(intermediate - requires Basic Silver Metal Clay completion)
Learn how to make an unusual Silver Metal Clay wrap ring.  Learn to imprint a design on a silver metal clay ring, set cubic zirconia, onyx or turquoise stone, and use decorative punches with silver metal clay sheet.  After completing the ring, students will polish and oxidize it.  Stone and bezel setting are discussed.

Silver Metal Clay Jewelry Samples
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Heart and Pin in PMC
PMC over bisque beads
Heart and Pin in Silver Metal Clay
Silver Metal Clay Paste over bisque beads
Bronze and Polymer Clay necklace
"Merlene's knowledge and excitement about the material comes thorough. I was very pleased with the outcome for my first experience with PMC." ~ Janet Rodriguez
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